Driving Coconut Industry Growth via SDG 17 Collaborations

This is an SDG 17 multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative by Coco Veda to uplift the Coconut Industry and it’s communities beginning with a focused agenda for high quality Virgin Coconut Oil.

Vision 2040

Leading the Coconut Industry to a US$100 Billion Economy
through SDG 17 Sustainable Collaborations.

Our Mission

Transforming Perception, Unlocking Potential
The Coconut Industry’s Zero Waste Revolution.

Nine Critical Steps to Build the Coconut Industry Ecosystem

The Coconut Industry has been neglected for generations

Life of a Coconut Farmer in The Philippines

The Coconut Miracle - The Tree of Life

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Dr. Josh Axe on Coconut Oil Pulling
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Unconventional But Effective Therapy for Alzheimer’s Treatment: Dr. Mary T. Newport at TEDxUSF

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Dr. Bruce Fife – Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil CNN Philippines

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