Driving Coconut Industry Growth via SDG 17 Collaborations

Lisa Haydon Lalvani relies on coconut oil in her DIY recipes for glowing skin and lustrous locks

Considered the beau ideal of effortless beauty and robust fitness, Lisa Haydon Lalvani doesn’t believe in relying on cosmetics for a luminous glow. While various au naturel components and humble kitchen ingredients play a vital role in the model and actor’s entrancing looks, the one local element that she swears by to keep her skin naturally glistening and her locks bouncy is coconut oil. Known for acting as a natural humectant, coconut oil’s versatility makes it an excellent player not in the pantry but also in beauty hacks and DIY recipes, and Lisa Haydon Lalvani agrees. From moisturising patchy skin to immensely nourishing dry scalp, coconut oil will be your ultimate answer to seasonal transition’s challenges.

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